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Matt Abid on Innovative Parenting: Using Technology to Enhance Family Life

Matt Abid of Michigan is a technology industry professional, but more importantly, a parent. In the following article, Matt Abid explains how he has...

Brad Ransome on Maximizing ROI When Renovating Investment Properties

Brad Ransome discusses everything from understanding ROI in real estate investment to the best renovation projects for maximizing returns.

Jared DeFlurin Discusses Historical Fiction Novels That Transcend Literature

In the world of historical fiction, Jared DeFlurin, based in Boston, has a keen eye for novels that not only captivate readers but also...

Jacqueline Herron Discusses Superfoods and Their Impact on Holistic Health

Jacqueline Herron is a contributor to several publications on health and wellness. In the following article, Jacqueline Bryce Herron delves into the powerful connection...

Philip E. Goforth on Real Estate Crowdfunding: Changing the Landscape of...

Philip E. Goforth of Missouri, a real estate development professional, delves into the realm of real estate crowdfunding.

Sleeping Dog Properties Discusses The Best Flooring Options for Bathroom Remodeling

As an award-winning, premier custom home builder, Sleeping Dog Properties has extensive experience with bathroom remodeling projects. Few elements are more critical to a...

Troy Thompson Explains How Army Training Equips Individuals for Life’s Challenges

Troy Thompson of Salem, New Hampshire is a former Army veteran who served a tour of duty in Vietnam. In the following article, Troy...

Stephen Wilmans Discusses Bonding and Creating Memories by the Water

Stephen Wilmans uncovers the deep-rooted connection to nature, the thrill of anticipation, and the profound lessons that fishing imparts.

Al Minicozzi of New Jersey Discusses Assistive Technology for Special Needs

Al Minicozzi of New Jersey is a dedicated advocate for enhancing the lives of special needs individuals. In the following article, Al Minicozzi discusses...

Mike Golub on Sponsorship in Sports: Maximizing Partnerships for Mutual Benefit

Mike Golub explains how strategic sponsorships can propel sports teams to new heights while offering sponsors a powerful platform for brand exposure and engagement.
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