Home Cuisine Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas on the Best Summer Dishes to Try

Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas on the Best Summer Dishes to Try

Algirdas Janilionis KAUNAS

Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, is a chef in New York City, New York. As a chef in New York, Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, always appreciates the seasonality of food. Adjusting the menu to reflect the foods that are the freshest is a great way for any chef to attract an audience into their restaurant. Today, Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, will touch on a few of his favorite summer dishes for 2023. Serve these dishes and your summer party is sure to be a hit.

One of Algirdas’ favorite summer appetizers is shrimp and tomato toast. New York is known for the quality of its bread and New Jersey has some of the best summer tomatoes on earth. Thin slices of crusty bread can be toasted up with some olive oil, adding grilled shrimp, mozzarella, and array of tomatoes with lemon zest will give any home chef the perfect appetizer. If hosting a summer party, Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, notes that no one needs to go crazy with their dishes. Simple ingredients can lead to great flavors.

Lobster rolls are the perfect dish for anyone who is looking to have the wow factor at their summer gathering without having to get overwhelmed in the kitchen. Start by filling a large pot with just a few inches of water. Then add the juice of one lemon along with ample lemon wedges. Once the water is brought to a boil, lobsters can be added in a steamer backset or directly into a pot. When the lobsters turn bright red, they are usually done. Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, notes this usually takes about 8 to 10 minutes. Have tongs ready to remove the lobster and immediately rinse them under cold water.

The most annoying part of making lobster rolls is removing the meat. Fortunately, a well-cooked lobster will make it easy to remove the claws with a tiny twist. Insert the thumb into the end of the lobster, and a good chunk of meat should come right out. Once the meat is completely removed, it’s time to chop the meat and transfer the lobsters into a bowl for chilling. If no one is too particular, you can have a mixture of mayonnaise and melted butter whisked and instantly added to the lobster meat. When dealing with a large party, it may be best to keep this sauce to the side. The key is to have great hot dog buns that are grilled over medium heat and coated with butter. This will create the crunch that is very much desired in a good summer lobster roll.

Algirdas Janilionis of Kaunas, Lithuania, recommends that home chefs looking to provide the wow factor consider making a simple dish that looks spectacular, the pineapple rice bowl. The process of turning this together starts by halving a pineapple lengthwise, which will require a sharp knife to cut into and around the perimeter of the pineapple. After cutting out the core, the remaining pieces of pineapple should be cut into tiny squares. Scoop the fruit out entirely as that will be used as your presenting dish. In order to properly prepare the rest of the dish, whisk eggs and a small pinch of salt in a bowl. In a hot skillet with a teaspoon of oil, pour in the eggs and cook them. The eggs can then be cut up and left to the side. Add ham, sugar, garlic, ginger, and shallots to the pan. When the ham is brown, it’s time to add the rice and peppers. Add in soy sauce for taste. Once everything is cooked, it’s time to stir in the pineapple pieces and cooked eggs. Finally, it’s time to place the ingredients back into the pineapple for a dish that looks as good as it will taste.


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