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Angelo Dellomo Discusses The Importance of Educating Children on The Dangers of Pollution

Angelo Dellomo Mays Landing

Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing is a retired math teacher who taught math for four decades. Angelo Dellomo is also a published author and long advocate for the well-being of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. As a nature lover and educator, Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing will use today’s article to discuss the importance of talking to kids about the dangers of pollution. In the digital era, people of all ages often forget that while we are interconnected on the internet, we are also deeply connected to nature and the world around us. When we care for Mother Nature, we create a safer planet for ourselves and future generations.

While Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing doesn’t recommend that parents scare children at an early age with the potentially catastrophic impact of environment related issues in the news, it is good for children to know some of the consequences of polluting so they know not to do it. Just as peer pressure can lead to negative consequences, children knowledgeable about the positive aspects of disposing of trash and recycling their plastic and paper goods can spread positive information.

There are tons of teachable moments surrounding the dangers of pollution. For instance, if you are like Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing and live in a state that has recently banned the use of plastic bags, kids can be educated on why reducing the number of plastic bags can be a positive for our planet. Every time a child leaves a room with the light still on, parents can discuss the benefits of conserving electricity. When people leave the sink running while brushing their teeth, they can be taught the need to conserve water. Almost every day will provide a few different opportunities to spread positive information.

Kids should know the definition of pollution as anything being put into the environment that can harm the lives of plants, animals, or humans. This concept can be made more enjoyable by watching videos of how recycling plants operate. Angelo Dellomo has found that kids often find the recycling process cool and are more likely to practice recycling when they know where recycled products are headed. As kids get older, parents can start introducing different types of pollution and ways to be good stewards of the earth. Different pollution types include:

  • Air Pollution
  • Water Pollution
  • Land Pollution
  • Radioactive Pollution
  • Thermal Pollution
  • Noise Pollution
  • Light Pollution
  • Visual Pollution
  • Personal Pollution

Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing says children should understand that pollution is a global issue when they reach their teenage years. Only by spreading awareness of the global issues we all face, as we seek to solve environmental challenges, can people unite to make beneficial changes for a pollution-free environment. Countless resources of pollution facts help paint a very clear picture of the need for change. For example, people are often shocked to learn that nearly half the world’s population still has to contend with polluted drinking water. These stats can seem unfathomable to United States citizens, but the U.S. has pollution problems right at home. Nearly half of the lakes in the United States have too much pollution for people to swim or fish in them. The same can be said for 40 percent of the nation’s rivers, says Angelo Dellomo.

The earlier children understand pollution’s dangers, the sooner they can start to help in their own way. Angelo Dellomo of Mays Landing says we all have a role to play in the future health of our planet, and parents can have an incredibly positive impact by informing their kids of ways they can help the planet.


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