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Brendan Geier on Video Games and Music: The Impact of Soundtracks on Gaming Experience

Brendan Geier

Brendan Geier is a video game enthusiast with a keen interest in the immersive power of soundtracks within the gaming world. In the following article, Brendan explores how music plays a pivotal role in shaping the gaming experience, from enhancing emotional engagement to guiding gameplay. As someone who has spent countless hours diving into virtual worlds, Brendan Geier offers insights into the unique connection between sound and storytelling in video games, providing an informed perspective on why soundtracks are more than just background noise—they are integral to the magic of gaming.

Music has always been a powerful medium, capable of evoking emotions and creating immersive experiences. In the world of video games, music plays an equally significant role, shaping the player’s experience and adding depth to the gaming world. Video game soundtracks have evolved from simple beeps and chiptunes to elaborate orchestral compositions and iconic melodies. This evolution has transformed the way players interact with games, enhancing their emotional engagement and creating unforgettable moments.

Brendan Geier Discusses the Evolution of Video Game Soundtracks

Video game soundtracks have come a long way since the early days of simple 8-bit tunes. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, video game music was limited by technology, with composers creating basic melodies using limited audio channels. Games like “Pong” and “Space Invaders” featured basic sounds, while iconic games like “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda” introduced memorable melodies that became synonymous with gaming.

As technology advanced, so did the complexity of video game soundtracks. The introduction of CD-ROM technology in the 1990s allowed for richer, more complex soundscapes, paving the way for iconic scores in games like “Final Fantasy VII” and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” Today, video game music has evolved into a sophisticated art form, with composers creating fully orchestrated soundtracks, collaborating with renowned musicians, and even earning Grammy nominations.

The Role of Music in Enhancing Gameplay

Music plays a crucial role in enhancing gameplay by setting the tone, creating tension, and guiding players through various game scenarios. Brendan Geier explains how music contributes to the gaming experience:

  1. Setting the Atmosphere

Music establishes the atmosphere of a game, helping players immerse themselves in the game’s world. Whether it’s the haunting melodies of a horror game or the upbeat tunes of a platformer, music creates a mood that complements the visual and narrative elements of the game.

  1. Creating Emotional Engagement

Soundtracks can evoke strong emotions, from excitement and joy to fear and sadness. This emotional engagement can make gameplay more immersive and memorable. Games like “The Last of Us” and “Journey” use music to create powerful emotional experiences that resonate with players long after they’ve finished playing.

  1. Guiding Gameplay and Narrative

Music can also guide gameplay and narrative progression. Dynamic soundtracks, which change based on player actions, can signal important events, build tension, and provide cues for gameplay. Brendan Geier of Madison, New Jersey says that in games like “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” the music shifts to indicate different environments and combat situations, providing subtle hints to players.

  1. Enhancing Replay Value

Memorable soundtracks can encourage players to revisit games. Iconic music themes become associated with beloved games, creating a sense of nostalgia that draws players back for repeat playthroughs. Brendan Geier says that games like “Super Mario Bros.” and “The Legend of Zelda” have soundtracks that are instantly recognizable, adding to the replay value.

The Impact of Video Game Music on Pop Culture

Video game music has transcended the gaming industry to become a significant part of pop culture. Iconic game soundtracks are celebrated through concerts, cover albums, and online communities. Here’s how video game music has made its mark on pop culture:

Brendan Geier
  1. Video Game Concerts

Brendan Geier of Madison, New Jersey explains that video game music concerts, such as “Video Games Live” and “The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses,” bring together fans to experience live orchestral performances of their favorite game soundtracks. These concerts demonstrate the universal appeal of video game music and its ability to connect with audiences on a broader scale.

  1. Online Communities and Fan Covers

Online platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud have become hubs for video game music enthusiasts. Fans create cover versions of their favorite game soundtracks, showcasing their musical talents and sharing their passion with the gaming community. These fan covers contribute to the ongoing popularity of video game music.

  1. Grammy Recognition

Video game music has also gained recognition in mainstream music circles. In 2022, the soundtrack from “Assassin’s Creed Valhalla” earned a Grammy nomination, highlighting the growing acceptance of video game music in the wider music industry.


Music is a powerful tool that enhances the gaming experience, contributing to atmosphere, emotional engagement, and narrative progression. As video game soundtracks continue to evolve, they play an increasingly significant role in shaping the way players interact with and remember games. From setting the mood to guiding gameplay, music has a profound impact on the gaming world.

Brendan Geier of Madison, New Jersey notes that as video game music gains recognition in pop culture, it continues to connect with audiences beyond the gaming industry. Whether through live concerts, fan covers, or Grammy nominations, the influence of video game music is undeniable. It’s a testament to the creativity and talent of composers who craft the soundtracks that make gaming experiences truly unforgettable.


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