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Chris DePolo on Pre-Listing Inspections -How Sellers Benefit from Being Pro-Active

Chris Depolo Virginia

Chris Depolo of Virginia works as a home inspector who champions a proactive approach to real estate sales through pre-listing inspections. In the following article, Chris DePolo explores why sellers should take the reins early in the selling process, noting the myriad of benefits of pre-listing inspections, where foresight meets seamless transactions.

Pre-listing inspections have been gaining traction over the last few years.

In a traditional real estate transaction, the buyer usually orders the property inspection, and the seller would then address any issues that arise from the process. However, experts believe that a seller can take a more proactive approach by requesting a professional home assessment before listing their property.

Chris DePolo explains that pre-listing inspections allow sellers to boost their property’s appeal and streamline the selling process. Sellers can also take note of any issues noted on the inspection report and have them addressed before the house is even listed. This gives the seller an edge, especially in a competitive market.

Chris DePolo Discusses More on Early Home Inspection Benefits

A pre-listing inspection is simply hiring a professional home inspector to examine a property before it is officially listed for sale. The aim of the assessment is to identify the property’s condition as well as potential problems or repairs that need to be addressed.

But why should sellers request an inspection? In a competitive market, some buyers may choose to waive the inspection contingency to make their offer more appealing.

Chris DePolo says that a big advantage that sellers get from doing a home assessment is that it strengthens their negotiating position once the property is listed, no matter if it’s a buyer’s, or seller’s market. By learning the property’s issues beforehand, sellers can then resolve these issues and ultimately gain better marketing control of the property.

However, some sellers are reluctant to spend money on pre-inspections because there is a lack of awareness of such services.

The cost of pre-listing assessment is usually the same as a buyer’s inspection, with fees ranging from $300-$500. However, the price can vary depending on location, the property’s size and age, and the inspector’s qualifications.

Empowering Sellers: The Benefits of Pre-Listing Inspections

For both sellers and buyers, knowledge is power in the world of real estate transactions. Pre-listing inspections offer a unique advantage to sellers, providing a comprehensive understanding of their property’s condition before it hits the market. This proactive approach not only instills confidence in sellers but also builds trust with potential buyers.

Sellers Gain Control Over Repairs

Chris Depolo of Virginia says that the inspection report will list all the property’s issues and sellers have the freedom to address them or not prior to listing.

The seller has the option to repair the issues before listing the property, giving them control over repair costs. Should they choose not to conduct any repairs, they can simply let the buyer know that consideration for the issues has already been factored into the selling price.

Sellers Can Increase the Property’s Value

Should sellers choose to resolve the problems found in the pre-listing inspection, any repairs or updates made can only increase the property’s value.

The fewer issues that a buyer’s home inspection uncovers, the higher the chance that sellers will get their asking price.

Chris DePolo says that well-maintained and issue-free properties attract more buyers. Properties that have gone through a pre-listing home inspection generally sell faster and have fewer issues to negotiate, leading to a hassle-free transaction.

Chris Depolo Virginia

The Property Can Be Priced More Accurately

Chris Depolo of Virginia explains that without a home assessment, the seller’s real estate agent will only base the price of the property on nearby homes and the market value.

A pre-listing assessment allows sellers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the property’s current condition.

Also, a home assessment prior to listing can help sellers reinforce their asking price. Through the inspection report, the agent will be able to disclose to potential buyers – including repairs – how the seller arrived at the current price.

Gain the Trust of Buyers and Realtors

Having a pre-listing inspection report to show potential buyers demonstrates transparency.

This instills confidence in buyers, and they are more likely to trust the integrity of the seller, leading to a more competitive offer.

Both Buyer and Seller Can Enjoy Peace of Mind

Chris DePolo explains that having a pre-listing home assessment done can help reduce the uncertainty and stress associated with selling a property.

It enables sellers to address issues upfront and make informed decisions, which can lessen the anxiety that comes with the inspection and negotiation phases of the sale process. Overall, ordering a pre-listing inspection can help sellers gain peace of mind, enabling them to enjoy the process better.

A pre-listing inspection is a powerful tool that sellers can utilize to transform their home-selling experience. It not only streamlines the sale but also ensures that the property’s market potential is maximized.


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