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Freedom Church of Gallatin, TN on Navigating Life’s Challenges in a Chaotic World

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Freedom Church of Gallatin, TN has long been an inspiration for Christian men and women, founded by Pastor Terrell Somerville in 2002. In the following article, Freedom Church of Gallatin explains that in a world rife with chaos and uncertainty, a spiritual haven can serve as a guiding light. Below, Freedom Church not only serves to help parishioners navigate life’s challenges but offers a beacon of hope to the community.

In the United States, surveys conducted by the Pew Research Center from 2018 to 2019 found that 65 percent of adults identify themselves as Christians, which shows a decrease of 12 percent from the last 10 years. In addition, it’s estimated the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans increased from 17 percent in 2009 to 26 percent.

However, during the pandemic, the same research center did another survey on Americans, this time including participants from other advanced economies such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Korea. They found that 28 percent reported having stronger personal faith because of the pandemic.

While some people’s faith strengthened during trying times, others find it difficult to maintain their faith when faced with adversity. Below are tips on how one can find hope in religion amid chaos, doubt, and despair.

Freedom Church of Gallatin, TN Discusses Weathering the Storm: Finding Faith During a Crisis

Everybody faces adversity. Challenges are a part of life, and their effects vary from person to person. A crisis may impact some mentally and emotionally, while the effect may be worse for others, causing them to lose faith in God.

Whether it’s losing a job, mourning the loss of a loved one, facing a health crisis, or dealing with a personal problem, the bottom line is that it’s hard to stay positive and find hope during these times. Freedom Church of Gallatin adds, “especially when there is constant news headlines full of violence, civil unrest, and pandemics”.

Romans 12:12 says “Be joyful in hope, stay patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.” God asks us to stay patient and remain hopeful when faced with challenges. Joy, patience, and faith are virtues that can help an individual remain strong amidst adversity. Embracing these values provides strength, perseverance, and a deep connection with God.

Finding Hope: Best Ways to Strengthen Faith During Challenging Times

freedom church gallatin tn


Prayer and communication with God is one of the most powerful resources bestowed upon us, yet it is also one that many tend to ignore. Prayer is vital during crises.

Freedom Church of Gallatin recounts that if you’ve ever called a friend after a long, hard day and instantly felt better after the conversation? It’s the same when we take time to lay our concerns and troubles on God. Someone who is angry, confused, and struggling should communicate with Him all the more, because if we can’t come to Him in truth then we are not in the right relationship with Him.

freedom church gallatin tn


Mindfulness and meditation are powerful acts that can help clear the mind and reduce stress and anxiety. Freedom Church of Gallatin, TN says this is more so if one meditates on the word of God.

Meditating on God’s word is a spiritual discipline that allows us to focus our hearts and minds on what God is saying to us through the Bible. It enables us to reflect on the truths and the lessons that this experience is teaching us.

Freedom Church of Gallatin provides below a few, simple ways to meditate:

  1. Find a quiet, relaxing place. Bring a notebook, pen, and a Bible.
  2. Acknowledge God’s presence and begin reading chosen passages from the Bible.
  3. Focus the mind on the Scripture – memorize or study a passage in depth.
  4. Write down the chosen passage of the day in the notebook.
  5. Play some soft music. With eyes closed, think deeply about how this passage applies to the current situation.
  6. Clear the mind and focus on the message of the passage.

Find a Support System

Freedom Church of Gallatin, TN says that no one is alone even if they think they are. Aside from God and one’s family, there are plenty of others who are experiencing similar situations and who are ready to offer their support. A support system is one of the most essential things one can have during difficult times.

Finding the right church or a community that understands what one is going through can go a long way in helping the individual cope, heal, and recover.


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