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Matt Abid on Innovative Parenting: Using Technology to Enhance Family Life

Matt Abid Michigan

Matt Abid of Michigan is a technology industry professional, but more importantly, a parent. In the following article, Matt Abid explains how he has harnessed the power of technology to revolutionize his family life, showcasing how technology can be a powerful ally in nurturing strong, thriving families. In this age of technology, there are many programs that tech-savvy parents can take advantage of to benefit their families. The problem is that there are so many options it can be challenging to know which is best.

Tech-savvy parents can use Duolingo, Kahoot, or educational games to help encourage learning. To make communication easier, parents can use Zoom, Marco Polo, or Slack. When the work is done, families can enjoy time together with streaming services, Jackbox games, or virtual museums.

Matt Abid says that devices and new technology are often disparaged as stunting a child’s development. However, technology can enhance family life with proper use and parental involvement.

Matt Abid Discusses Technology for Family Learning

Whether for school or simply for fun, there are some great educational resources out there. Best of all, there are options for everyone’s specific needs.

  • Direct learning programs
  • Quizzing programs
  • Educational games

The most straightforward are learning programs that guide the user through learning a skill or language. These programs range from downloadable apps to websites. Popular examples include Duolingo and Khan Academy.

Matt Abid of Michigan says that many of these learning apps have friend features where other users can encourage each other or see each other’s progress. Parents can make learning a family activity by setting up connected accounts.

Then, there are programs that encourage learning by making it fun. Matt Abid of Michigan says that many learning resources employ gamification methods, but there are programs that allow the user to customize them to the relevant content. One example is the quizzing program Kahoot!

Along the same lines are games that are designed to be educational. Most are designed to be played by one person at a time, though a few are multiplayer. Parents can find these games on websites such as Education.com or mobile app stores.

Tech for Family Communication

Matt Abid notes that these days, communication is quicker and easier than ever before. That said, not all communication programs are made equal. Simple text group chats can be enough for most cases, but sometimes we need something more complex.

  • Live video chatting
  • Offline video chatting
  • Project management software

Matt Abid of Michigan notes that there are a few basic options for video communication, such as Zoom, FaceTime, and Microsoft Teams. They offer great live video calls. Another option is an offline video app. This can make asynchronous communication livelier. One example is Marco Polo.

However, family life quickly becomes quite busy with work, school, extracurricular activities, and social time. Families can turn to shared calendars or even project management software to organize this.

Matt Abid explains that project management services allow for many users and a high level of organization. They may not be ideal for younger children, but teenagers will be able to update and keep track of everything going on. The options are varied, but some common ones are Trello, Slack, and Asana.

Matt Abid Michigan

Tech for Entertainment

The family that plays together stays together. While learning and communication are essential, having some fun as a family is equally important. No matter the family’s preferences, something will be entertaining.

  • Streaming services
  • Video games
  • Virtual tours

The most basic options are streaming services. Everyone enjoys a good movie. Best of all, most services include a way to watch with friends and family in different households.

Matt Abid remarks that there are several excellent party game options for families that are more game-inclined. One popular option is the Jackbox games. These computer games are designed to be hooked up to a TV or streamed over a video call. They provide great party games for multiple players.

For parents who want to combine entertainment with education, look into virtual museums. Many of the famous museums across the world offer virtual tours for anyone interested. Some of these virtual tours are videos, while others are interactive.

Final Thoughts

A tech-savvy parent can provide a lot of amazing experiences, quality communication, and impressive lessons in today’s age. All it takes is a little digging and experimentation into what works best for one’s family.

Most of these options assume that each member of the family has a smartphone. While this is not always the case, many of the above options can be used on a computer or on a shared smartphone.


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