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PHILLY LOVE & LIGHT, a column by Stephanie Ortiz

Time for an introduction?

Nah–this isn’t polite society. You want to get straight to the secret already.

And I want to dangle that string to entice you to read on (since I’m not going to come right out with the secret).

Let’s start with a teaser. I’ll tell you what I’m not talking about.

This article’s not about me:

-being on a float in the 76ers’ 1983 World Championship parade.

-leaving Philly in my twenties, saying, “I’ll never be back.” Only to settle in New York, meet my husband on a plane, have two kids, move back to my hometown, and live on the same grounds where I grew up. (I won’t talk about the fire either.)

-turning 50 and having my mid-life fun. A marketing professional advised me not to talk about that milestone. It makes people uncomfortable, even in today’s age. Oops.

-mothering two daughters, which I intended to blog about when I first started musing in 2019, only they were tweens at the time and had no interest in me embarrassing them by telling their stories. So, I learned how to humiliate myself publicly instead.

-staying clear of anything taboo.

Speaking of taboo, I will not be so inappropriate as to talk about how I mused my way through the fight of my life, breast cancer, and made it fun even. Plus, I got to tell breast jokes. Only a man I sat next to at a dinner party corrected me. He said, “Women tell breast jokes. Men tell boob jokes.”

My blog covers all that’s taboo and not meant for proper society. So, what else have I got to talk about?

Drum roll, please. I’m a spiritual healer. Say what? You probably don’t know what that even is.

Only two of me are in Philly, so we’re hard to come by. But if it piques your curiosity, what is a spiritual healer anyway? I hold the answer to that secret.

I’m a conduit for direct Divine Light Healing for Spiritual Arts Institute, carrying on a tradition over 4,000 years old.

People need healing mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. And people need healing now more than ever.

Think of it as a guided meditation, if you will, and you’re opening yourself up to receive great blessings from above, that you will then go forth and apply those blessings to your life.

Performing this service is a priceless gift that gives back to me far more than I could ever imagine. No healing is ever like another–that’s the art behind it.

So after a healing, when a skeptical friend said to me, “Please, take a picture of me. I’m not going to post it; I want to remember this feeling for the rest of my life.” I could only smile because he understood the one thing about me that I couldn’t put into words.

It’s what makes what I do a secret even to me.


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