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Seng Tiong Ho on Problems Solved by Photonic Integrated Circuits

Seng Tiong Ho, a research professor, explores the problem-solving capabilities of photonic integrated circuits in more detail.

Justin Tuohey Discusses the Impact of Yoga on Healing

Justin Tuohey, a fitness professional, discusses how yoga poses can help promote holistic healing within the body (and mind).

Buddy Schum of Bucks County Discusses the Challenges of Multi-Tasking

Buddy Schum of Bucks County, a former committee leader in Philadelphia, discusses multi-tasking and its effects on productivity, creativity, and well-being.

Marketing Expert Nicholas Bereznai Provides an Instagram Marketing Overview

As a trusted digital marketing expert, Nicholas Bereznai of Durham is often asked whether or not social media marketing is worth the effort. Like...

Scott Spinella of Delaware Discusses the Impact of Influential Rock Musicians

Scott Spinella of Delaware, a guitarist in a local rock band, discusses rock music through the decades, and some of influential musicians in popular culture.

Keith Hovan on AI Considerations for Healthcare Settings

Keith A. Hovan, a healthcare CEO, addresses considerations for healthcare providers and leaders as the industry navigates AI technology.

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start Discuses Holistic Approaches to Wellness: A...

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start, who works in the mental health industry, discusses the health connection between body, mind, and spirit.

Debra Mercora, Superintendent in NJ Discusses the Benefits Introducing a Secondary...

Debra Mercora, a Superintendent in NJ, explores why introducing a secondary language in education is so important.

Jeff LaBerge of San Diego Explores the Hemp Drying Process

Jeff LaBerge, a San Diego-based entrepreneur in the hemp and CBD industry, explores hemp drying and important factors impacting the process.

Rainey Blanchette on Ensuring Your Car is Road Trip Ready

Rainey Blanchette loves this time of year because it is almost road trip season. After a winter season of hitting all the snowboard sales,...
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