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Erica Hahn on Exercising Outdoors with the Peloton App

Erica Hahn Williamsburg VA

Erica Hahn has been a Peloton fan since the start. She is an avid user of the Peloton app and uses both the bicycle and treadmill in her home gym. In the following article, Erica Hahn discusses the benefits of utilizing the Peloton app for outdoor training classes. The simple, easy to use app is extremely popular due to its clean, cohesive structure.

The app offers a social media-like community, training classes such as those with Andy Speer, and easily accessible personalized planning that makes outdoor transferal smooth.

Working out and establishing a routine is tricky enough but trying to benefit from moving that routine outdoors can be a formidable challenge, too. Luckily, Erica Hahn says that the Peloton app presents itself as a great tool for reaching this goal.

In this article, Erica Hahn of Williamsburg explains the benefits of utilizing the Peloton app for taking an exercise routine outdoors. Personally, Erica Hahn says that she most enjoys the routines Andy Speer when she looks to take her workouts outside.

Top Benefits of the Peloton App for Taking an Exercise Routine Outdoors

The benefits of any workout tool, be it an app or a piece of equipment, are the brass tacks of exercise planning. Without a knowledge of what one should use and how it can help, planning a routine is difficult to do. With that in mind, Erica Hahn provides an overview of the three main benefits of the Peloton app when it comes to attempting to take an exercise routine outdoors:

  1. Strength Training Classes with Andy Speer
  2. Social Connection
  3. Personalized Planning

More of what the app, and these benefits provide below…

Strength Training Classes with Andy Speer

Erica Hahn of Williamsburg, VA says that Andy Speer is a fantastic, country-renowned coach and exercise trainer hailing from Connecticut. He began his work in the Peloton app with his Total Strength program, which builds the foundation in strength training. It mainly focuses on structure as the best way to stay consistent and keep a workout routine working for the exerciser.

Erica Hahn explains that the sequel to this training class, Total Strength 2, also incorporated structure but moves on to even more challenging exercises, which can be beneficial to outdoor training, in a six-week program.

Social Connection

Staying motivated to exercise is paramount to reaching personal fitness goals. However, when a person is changing their routine to incorporate the outdoors, encouragement is more important than ever. Luckily, the Peloton app has compensated for these challenges!

The app allows friends to connect with one another and offer positive feedback. This works much the same way social media apps might; exercisers can post their progress, and respond to one another’s progress in the form of virtual high fives.

Not only that, but classes like the highly beneficial strength training with Andy Speer do not have to be taken alone. Exercisers can pair up with friends and take classes together through the app!

Erica Hahn Williamsburg VA

Personalized Planning

Finally, consistency is such an important element to keeping up any workout routine, especially when moving outdoors, that personalized planning must be of the greatest importance, too.

Using the Peloton app, an athlete can tangibly see the difference in their activity level outdoors, and even track their own cardio by distance as well as heart rate. Of course, this data is all connectable to Apple Watches or other useful workout devices, so no information need be lost or fall through the cracks in the transition to starting a routine outdoors.

In Conclusion

In summary, the benefits of the Peloton app for taking an exercise routine outdoors cannot be overstated! With a personalized planning format that allows exercisers to see their heart rate and build their own routine, connected to personal devices, all the information needed to stay consistent is at their fingertips.

Not only that, but Erica Hahn explains that the social connection offered through the app to take classes with one’s friends virtually, follow and create tags that build a community, and even provide encouragement through high fives, are invaluable.

Finally, classes with Andy Speer offer just as much encouragement and direction to keep going, especially in an outdoor environment. Strength training can build up one’s muscular system while burning calories in a healthy way. With all of these benefits in mind, the Peloton App is perfect for taking an exercise routine outdoors!


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