By Carmen Greger

Welcome to PHILLYFLAIR! We are thrilled to be in full launch mode! We are an interactive lifestyle magazine covering all things Philly that give our city, ‘the city of that loves you back’, also known as the ‘city of brotherly love’, that unique and undeniable flair.

Our mission is to inform and inspire.

Our aim is to perpetuate the positive. 

Our goal is to showcase local talent, to amplify the good and to engage, celebrate and connect the community!

We invite all of Philly and surrounding areas, boroughs and burbs, and welcome visitors and non-resident readers to zoom in to Philly’s Flair for an up close and personal, hands-on experience. Get ready, get involved, get excited and spread the good word about how truly ‘Phabulous’ Philly is!

We will highlight important conversations, conferences and current events, we will feature outstanding entrepreneurs, organizations and CEOS, we will cover grade schools, colleges, athletes of all sports and all levels, we will interview political leaders and don doctor features. From homes to investments to groceries, we will tell you what’s on the market, what’s in the markets and what’s happening with and to the market. With the guidance of top experts, we’ll share the analytics, logistics, legalities, tutorials and importance of creating wills, handling estates, and prioritizing smart financial planning.

We will give voice to philanthropists, do-gooders and rising stars. 

We will applaud local restaurants and chefs, museums and artists, venues and performers. We will spotlight local fitness, wellness, health and beauty standouts.  We will runway hair, fashion, stylists, and area boutique owners. We will explore local parks, nature preserves, trails, arboretums and gardens. We will feature farm-to-tables, farmers, fields and farms. We’ll share simple and savory recipes, wellness tips and stress-reduction techniques.

We will feature countless outdoor adventures to be had in and around the Philadelphia area, from horseback riding or horse & buggy rides to hot air ballooning or flying a kite, to kayaking or rock climbing, fishing or boating, to biking or blading or flying a plane to vineyard blanket lunches or to simply sitting on the city bench hearing whispers down the cobblestone lane.

We will climb to the top of the Philly classics from Rocky to Livezy Rock. We’ll give the lowdown on longstanding landmarks and local hotspots. We’ll share a bird’s eye view of Country Clubs, Social Clubs, Sports Clubs and Night Clubs too. We will give intel on hotels and neighborhood living and reopen the portal to historical sites and figures.

We will honor Philly’s classics, present Philly’s popular and propel Philly’s best on the rise.

We will tune into, and help amplify the quintessential Flair of Philly’s past, present and future.

We’ll feature family friendly Philly musts. We’ll rally for love, life and laughter, longevity, vitality and success. We’ll celebrate promotions, engagements, weddings and births.

We will:

  • embrace and respect our elderly, encourage and involve our teens and guide and include our young.
  • care for and about our pets.
  • host our local media personalities, programs and platforms and give voice to podcasters, speakers, authors and creatives.
  • welcome experts in their field both in interactive interviews and as guest writers to offer expertise and inside views as well as tips, tricks, trends and tools of their trade.
  • offer op-eds, word puzzles, photo contests and DIYs.
  • give shout-outs and awards and celebrate Birthdays.

Hop on board with us at PHILLYFLAIR.

And from South Street to Rittenhouse Square,

And Fairmount Park to Boathouse Row,

And Manayunk to the Main Line we’ll go,

And from KOP and beyond…..

Of this experience you’ll be quite be fond.

We’ll take you on a journey by your preferred path,

by wheels, by boat or by walking stick,

however you choose to get your fix…

perhaps via expressway 76,

Kelly drive time or Forbidden Drive’s fine,

on the Septa Rail or the Schuylkill River Trail…

we’re going 360 style, covering every inch and every mile…

with the wind in our hair and an abundance of Flair.

We will capture, curate and celebrate the true Essence, Soul and Spirit of Philadelphia.

We will generate even more of the LOVE for which Philly is so well known.


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