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Student Athlete of the Week:




PF: How old are you? 

CS: I’m 10 years old.

PF: What school do you go to? 

CS: I go to Black Rock Middle School. Go Royals!!

PF: What sports do you play? 

CS: Karate, baseball, golf and tennis.

PF: Which sport is your favorite? 

CS: Karate.

PF: How long have you been involved in karate? 

CS: I started when I was 3.


PF: How often do you practice your sports? 

CS: I have about 5 karate class a week.

PF: What’s your jersey number? Did you get to pick it? 

CS: No Jerseys in karate, but for baseball I’m number 7

PF: Lucky #7; Do you mostly compete individually or on a team? 

CS: Karate is mostly individual, but I’m also on the demo karate team.

PF: Do most of your closest friends play sports? 

CS: Almost all my friends play sports.

PF: I bet it’s especially fun when you and your friends are on the same team. 

CS: That’s why baseball is extra special to me because so many of my friends are on my team.

PF: Is anyone in your family athletic? 

CS: My Dad. 

PF: What sports or athletic activities do they do? 

CS: He played football in college. 

PF: Do you have any pets?

CS: Yes, my dog Bisou.

PF: Does your dog play sports with you?

CS: No, he’s lazy and fat, but really cute!

PF: Ha! Adorable. So, do you love school? 

CS: No, it takes up too much of my day.

PF: Ok then, if you had to choose, what is your favorite subject? 

CS: Geography.

PF: Who is your favorite teacher and why? 

CS: My favorite karate teacher is Mr. Fred. My favorite teacher at school is my Latin teacher Mrs. Vogel.

PF: What’s the key to balancing your school and athletic activities and doing well in both?

CS: Practice, practice, practice, study, study, study! 

PF: Awesome plan for success! What are your other extracurricular activities? 

CS: Piano, trumpet, golf, baseball, tennis, and the Rubik’s cube. 


PF: Well, it sounds like all your activities keep you healthy, happy and active for sure!

CS: Yeah, I love it! 

PF: Do you plan on playing a sport in college? Which one? 

CS: I plan to do karate for the rest of my life! 

PF: Who is your biggest role model? 

CS: Bruce Lee.

PF: Who is the best athlete of all time in your opinion and why? 

CS: Bruce Lee because he’s the best at what he does.

PF: What do you like most about living in Philadelphia?

CS: I like that I live near Philadelphia because it’s cool to go into the city, but I also like having a house with a yard that I can play in. 

PF: Is there anything else you’d like for Philadelphia to know about Chris Skoff?

CS: No.

PF: Well, then I guess that’s a wrap, thank you; let us know about your next big competition so we can post an update.

CS: I (or probably my Mom) will. Thank you so much!


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