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Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start Discuses Holistic Approaches to Wellness: A Guide to Mind, Body, and Spirit Connection

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start works in the mental health industry who believes that true wellness encompasses the body, mind, and spirit. In the following article, Thomas Cothren provides a discussion on the connection between all three.

There is a large difference between wanting to be one’s best self and working towards a mind, body, and spirit connection. The world is often discouraging when one walks the path to holistic wellness.

To find one’s authentic self and achieve personal wellness an individual must understand how all three aspects are interconnected. This process is highly personal. However, at its most basic, people must know themselves, consider all options, and address the whole.

Thomas Cothren of Maryland says that such concepts cannot be easily explained. Below is a breakdown of each basic aspect of holistic wellness. Learn more about how to reach a true, authentic self, below:

How to Approach Wellness Holistically

Holistic wellness is a vague enough term on its own that it can be hard to know what it entails. On top of that, there are many preconceived notions that are often less than flattering.

Thomas Cothren of Maryland reports that what makes it complicated is that the path will look different for everyone. That said, there are some basics that unite everyone’s journey.

Holistic approaches to wellness involve understanding flaws, habits, weaknesses, and strengths. Then, as the name implies, holistic healing involves making use of the various methods that help.

In addition, the individual needs to address both the good and bad.

Know Thyself

Thomas Cothren of Maryland explains that when a person knows their shortcomings, vices, and habits (both beneficial and detrimental) one can move on to addressing them. Poor lifestyle habits can lead to greater issues. Tracing the symptoms to the root will allow one to eliminate the cause.

Use Various Methods

As each individual reacts to various treatments in different ways it is beneficial to find the ones that work the best. This can mean trying natural remedies in addition to modern medicine. Keep in mind that the situation determines the method. Herbal remedies won’t fix a broken bone.

Address Both the Good and the Bad

It is not enough to lessen the negative. A person must also develop the positive. When using a holistic approach, attempt to resolve illness or other negativity by improving the positive explains Thomas Cothren. This can look like cutting out junk food and working out more consistently.

The importance of the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection

At its heart, holistic wellness relies on the interconnection of mind, body, and spirit. We are most commonly aware of our bodies when something is wrong. Thomas Cothren of Maryland says that the body’s cries of pain in the form of a heart attack or stomach pains are often indicative of instability within.

When people are struggling spiritually or mentally, they may fall back on their vices in an attempt to fill a void. These vices can then lead to struggles within the body. The opposite is also true.

When one of these three is unbalanced, it will affect the other two. For this reason, holistic wellness seeks to cover all three with a wide variety of solutions.

Thomas Cothren Maryland

Holistic Healing and Modern Medicine

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start notes that many of the preconceived notions of holistic healing is that it excludes modern medicine. This is simply untrue. As mentioned above, when using a holistic approach, one must take advantage of all beneficial methods.

It would be a mistake to rely on one and ignore the other. When used properly, natural remedies and modern medicine can complement each other well. It tends to be helpful to try a holistic approach before modern medicine if possible.

Some stomach pains such as ulcers are caused by stress. A holistic approach would consist of a person attempting to reduce stress, adjust their diet, and potentially make use of supplements. A medical approach would include various medications.

Thomas Cothren of Fresh Start explains that the main difference is generally a symptom versus cause focus. Holistic approaches tend to focus on the root of the symptoms. Many modern medicine approaches focus on the symptoms. Great doctors will also look at the causes as well, instead of just treating the symptoms. They are out there but may require some searching.

Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, holistic wellness is looking at the bigger picture. By taking wellness into individual hands the possibility for a long, fruitful, healthy life only goes up. It can be a daunting task to scrutinize the status of one’s body, mind, and spirit. When one does so they can change the way they live for the better.


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